About Laura

Hi my name is Laura and I help students to take time for themselves, and recharge and relax for work and home.

With modern city life being fast-paced and pressurised, I believe yoga offers a perfect antidote as it allows you to take time to be healthy and active, but also relaxes and energises you.

Yoga makes an excellent complimentary practice to sports and gyms, and is also great for those who don’t like or feel comfortable with sports, as it is really about self-connection, not exercise.

It teaches that good health is beyond our outer appearance and is about strengthening our bodies internal systems and our emotional and mental wellbeing.

My approach is that I firmly believe in helping my students feel the difference yoga can bring in their everyday life. With that in mind, I will guide and support you to develop your own practice, so that you can take care of yourself and find that quiet, calm space anytime you need.

My Story

Arriving wide-eyed and self-conscious to my first class, I felt stiff as a board! But I loved it and during the end relaxation I thought, I want this… Back then it felt like an impossible dream but three years later I found myself in India at my first teacher training course. After this experience, I found that yoga gave me back my body, my breathing and my health, which I’d been out of touch with for many years.

So now my classes are very much in this style – about building mind-body connection.

Students can expect a gentle and uplifting class that will stretch the body in every direction. Every session includes chanting and breathing exercises and I create sequences which help students to grow in their practice class by class.

The emphasis is on staying present, awareness of how the body is feeling and moving, advancing flexibility and strength, and calming the body’s internal systems. And my speciality is a deep relaxation at the end of class.

I would recommend my class to people looking to reconnect with their body and mind and build a strong foundation in their yoga practice, and those wanting a classical Indian style class with music and a friendly, intimate atmosphere.


2014 – 200 hours YAP-Certified Teacher Training with Yoga Prema in Goa, India

2017 – 200 hours YA-Certified Teacher Training with Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham in Kerala, India

2017 – 100 hours Basic 1 & 2 programme with Yoga for the Special Child at the MahaDevi Centre in Islington, London

2018 – 100 hours YA-Certified Teacher Training in Adults Hatha Yoga: The Sonia Sumar Method in Amsterdam, Holland

2019 – 50 hours Intensive Yoga Anatomy module with YogaLondon

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