Yoga classes helping students take time for themselves, and feel energised and relaxed for work and home

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How I can help you

Weekly Group Classes

  • Not taken time to exercise and relax today?
  • Feeling low on energy?
  • Is your body sometimes tight & stiff?
  • Do you have a busy, hectic life and need a moment to recharge?
  • Looking for a friendly, accessible and fun local yoga class?

Private Classes

  • Recommended to try yoga by your doctor, physio or osteopath?
  • Do you need a tailored approach?
  • Would you like to gain strength and flexiblity in a short space of time?
  • Want to begin or restart yoga and don’t feel ready for a group class?
  • Looking to deepen your practice?

Here is what my students are saying

“I feel excited, I look forward to every lesson, because I feel satisfied after each session. My poses improve a lot. I feel proud and happy. The relationship with the teacher Laura is very nice and friendly.”

So Ching


“I came to do some stretching and found the class was very relaxed, very accessible and really joyful. The way we moved through the poses it felt very effortless, the hour was over just like that. There wasn’t a moment where I was thinking, I can’t do this, or I don’t want to.

“I feel in my body very quickly, the body awareness is amazing. What I have loved about it as well is the relaxation, right from the beginning of the class it’s about relaxing, and rejuvenating, I always feel re-energised afterwards. It’s just wonderful.”



Claim your Free "Take time for Myself" Hatha Yoga Class

To claim your free class simply click on the button below.